August 8th, 2008


I figured I'd return to livejournal because at least here, it makes sense when no one reads anything. Um, I feel really selfish for saying this since I've lost three very dear people to me recently-two within less than two months of each other and one in October, but life fucking sucks right now. Emphasis on right now. I'm so poor it's ridiculous, but at least my bank account is in the positive. I'm trying to be optimistic; I know life will get better, it's just that I thought it had. I guess there's always the calm before the storm and you have to hit rock bottom before you realize the important things in life, but I've already hit rock bottom, more times than once and every time I seem to be fighting my way back up to the top, it's like something else knocks me down. I'm still holding on to the little piece of hope that God loves me enough not to force me to live in this mess forever. I am thankful for my family (including my dogs), my friends (even the ones who have stopped coming around), and each breath I get to take (though I'd like to have some breaths taken with ease, instead of feeling like each one is a fight).
I hope things are better for all of y'all.