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So...I got a tattoo. It's a lady bug on my lower back and it's representative of a very strong memory I have of my dad before he died. Therefore I feel good having it, because it has a very important meaning to me and my mom can't get too mad...even if she did, what would she do? My sister told her that I got a nose stud, but my sister said nose ring to which my mom replied "What? Oh my God, one piercing on the face is enough." But apparently she's not too pissed. Anyway, I've been bonding with my long board ever since my bike seat got stolen; however, when I move, it makes my backpack rub against my shirt which rubs against the tattoo and that does not feel very good. The guy who did it was soooo nice and soooo sweet and I gave him like a 40% tip because I was so terrified and now i want another one 0:)
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