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you can SO comment over at x_chance_x now, haha..sorry about that...so if you haven't commented in the previous entry, comment over there UNDER the banner...and if you'd like...comment under the banner too hehe..

Okay....take two..

So it was brought to my attention that if people could post anonymously they'd be more open to help me out. So I've turned of IP logging and anyone can post whether it be anonymously or not anonymously, so if you guys could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

It can be straight sex
lesbian sex
bi sex
gay sex
..just as long as it's legal (as in not incest or rape or things like that)

so again....I say...

I'm doing a monologue for both an audition and acting class.

In the monologue, one of the lines is:

"So I begged Greg to fuck me. In the backseat of the car. Imagine it if you will. In and out. In and out. In and out."

Here's the thing though...it's this girl recalling the most beautiful and life-changing time in her life, so it's not meant to be harsh but just a recollection of when she discovered the beauty in everything.

My problem: I'm so...not at all sexual...well I could be, I'm just timid and reserved.

How you can help me?

well, I'm not sure if this will...but if you can do this (i.e. don't mind doing this)...

tell me your most intense sexual memory...and tell me the experiences and sensations that go through your body whenever you recall it...

I need detail....very descriptive detail

(haha, wow I sound like such a perv, but it's for my work!!!)

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For as sexually open as a lot of you, I'm highly disappointed in the former post...wow...ahaha...it was for a good cause too!

I'll give you naked amber...come on...you all know you want naked amber....mmm...ok..well not naked...but pretty darn close...

anyway, brittany and I are on a hiatus until she figures out what to do in regards to attempting to regain my trust.

Tamar and I are probably spending the weekend together which is definitely needed because I got no ice cream nor cuddling this weekend and that along with lesbian movies is for next weekend.

My audition is in 2 weeks from today, I'm not really nervous, I don't know why, though I should probably get on learning the lines by heart..heh. I just found the monologue today though, so that's good.

If my acting teacher excuses me I'm going to a pro-choice rally in Salem on February 24...I'm really excited but probably shouldn't get my hopes up until I know for sure whether or not I can go.

You know...some political correctness is okay, but removing bumper stickers...seriously.....get over yourself.

Um, lets see...I'm really tired but I can't sleep which is why I will probably spend the rest of the night watching amber movies.

ooh the RA, John, on whom I have an eensy crush ISNT GAY!!!!!!! YAY!!!! but he's like me...just male...haha...literally..oh and well asian :-P

Um...yeah, that's it for tonight.

I love you all
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In case anyone was paying extra close attention to me last year...
[18 Jan 2005|08:54pm]

in case anyone was paying extra close attention to me last year around march....

does anyone remember the name of the monologue I said I was doing when I auditioned for the theater department in new york?

The character was Arlene.

It's about a young woman who goes to jail and then gets released.

It's something like "going home" or...I don't know something. I can't find it in the monologue book I currently have and I don't remember what I did with the play book and ahh it's driving me mad because I want to do that monologue for the theater asssignment. eek...someone help?

if at all possible

(i realize this is a long shot, but I'm slightly desperate)